Alcatraz Arrives!

Big patch day in Defiance. Big changes and a whole bunch of new stuff. Also a bunch of new bugs. Always new bugs on patch day. LOL!

The new Alcatraz expeditions are meant to be end game high level stuff, and boy are they. Lin watched me go through one for the first time, and his running commentary was hilarious. “What the hell is that?! Holy sh*t!” and so on. They are very hard. I made it through two rounds, then the three other people I was there with died and died and died and they all extracted leaving me alone, and then I died and left too. I was so close to finishing round three. Damn! Not going to be my fave thing to do, but I'll do them occasionally because I need chips for my cyber rig. People are trying to play them the way we play the other co-op maps (fast and furious), and that strategy isn't going to work. We're going to have to go slower and be more careful and USE COVER.

They sort of fixed incursions in Silicon Valley, and now they are hard. Better than being broken and bugged I guess. It's going to take a while for people to figure out that now you actually have to play them they way they are intended to be played. If you do not protect the crystal, the incursion will end, but you will have failed and therefore get no completion credit for it. At least that's what happened when the second one I did failed. the new way is fun though. Its just different, and not everyone is on the same page yet. I'm sure they will still be my favorite thing to do. Aside from Arkfalls, that is.

Also, enemies everywhere are much harder at high threat levels. Like a lot harder. I've died a few times. It's been a while since I died at all. On the upside, all my gear was improved too, so hopefully once I get used to using new tactics, it won't feel so damn hard. I haven't done anything that wasn't a threat level yet, so the hardness may only be evident when it's high. I'll go do something by myself (threat level 5) and see if it feels harder. I suspect it will but that it won't feel deadly. LOL!

One fun new thing they added is on the event leaderboards. Now if you come in first, when the leaderboard pops up, there you are for everyone to see in all your glory (instead of just your name on a list), and they can inspect your gear right from the leaderboard (and hate you for winning). Now they will know my name and what I look like! I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but it's a fun change. Makes it easier for me to check out the people who beat me. I don't always come in first, you know.

Before I state that server stability has improved (it seems like it has), I'm going to wait for tonight's server reset to see what happens. A lot of weirdness both appears and disappears during the first post patch server reset. It didn't feel like I had as much lag or had the game crash as much as it has been lately. Hope it has improved and keeps improving. Server stability really needs to improve.

Lin has fallen asleep, so I'm going to take a quick shower and then … Hellbug killing time! I'm such an addict.

Goodbye, Playstation Home

Playstation Home closed forever tonight, and I am sad.

I'm also angry, because I wanted to be there at the very last second when the servers were shut down, and my crappy “high speed” internet died just as it was about to happen. By the time my modem started property communicating with the rest of my ISP's crappy network, Home was gone.

Future Sewing Project


Thursday, Simplicity patterns are on sale at Joann's for $1.99. The plan is to get this pattern, some awesome fleece (also on sale) and make myself a new favorite hoodie. My old one is dying. I can't be hoodie-less!

Going to make some changes, like removing the arm and waist bands and just lengthening those pieces. I will most likely be doing the ears, because why not. I keep looking longingly at the hoodies with ears on Asian fashion websites, so you know I want the ears. Who cares how old I am. I'm old enough now I don't have to grow up if I don't want to!