Running Up That Hill

Final Fantasy XV has a really neat photo feature, where one of the characters takes pics while you’re out doing whatever, and when you rest you can look through them and save the ones you like. It’s pretty cool, and negates me having to get cool shots of things almost entirely.

This is one of my current fave shots. I was a little under leveled for this dungeon, so it was a real adventure, and then I had to run up this lava flow to take a pic for another quest. The lava was, in fact, hot and deadly. I got it done, but it was a struggle, and then this shot was one of the photos when I rested that night. Love it!

Noctis, the main character of Final Fantasy 15, runs up a hot flow of lava towards the heart of the volcano to take a photo for a quest objective.

Expedition Complete?

Um, the community activity part of the expedition completed, so I finished up the last bit of it, and it says the expedition is complete, but my save is not converting to a normal save. Had this problem with another expedition that had a community goal too, so I guess that save will just sit there until the thing ends in four weeks. Not a huge crisis. I’m not needing a new save at the moment, but the husband is a bit annoyed.


Freezer Cleaning Part 2

I think I’m done with the freezer organizing and cleaning. After being all up in a cold space for a while, I took the trash out and instantly melted into a puddle of sweat. It’s really miserable outside. It’s not even that hot yet, but it’s so humid. The air feels heavy and thick.

Anyway, I’m pleased the freezer is once again neat and tidy. Let’s see how long I can keep it that way. We'll be having breaded flounder and french fries for dinner tonight, because oh do we have a lot of flounder and french fries. And we better start having smoothies, because I’ve got a lot of pre-packed smoothie kits too. You can assume from this data that I really like flounder, french fries, and smoothies. They appear to be the things I never want to be out of and so always order.


Freezer Cleaning

Today's mission is cleaning and organizing the freezer. When I did the fridge a few weeks back, I didn’t do the freezer, because I hate handling ice cold things, and also it’s a jumbled mess that’s going to take some time to sort out. But it must be done. I know there are odds and ends in there that have to be tossed, and it’d be nice to know exactly what I need to buy, instead of guessing and ending up with, let’s say, way too much flounder. I love flounder, but we don’t need to have as much flounder in the freezer as we do.