Expedition Complete?

Um, the community activity part of the expedition completed, so I finished up the last bit of it, and it says the expedition is complete, but my save is not converting to a normal save. Had this problem with another expedition that had a community goal too, so I guess that save will just sit there until the thing ends in four weeks. Not a huge crisis. I’m not needing a new save at the moment, but the husband is a bit annoyed.

source https://mefi.social/@Orb/110543597550251698

No Man’s Sky – Leviathan

Found an S Class Multitool cabinet on the Leviathan Expedition route, between the first and second anchor points! And it’s in a pirate system! Built a little base and published it. Here’s the relevant info, so you can find it too.

The system is 555 LY from the first anchor point … a Vykeen system, pirate controlled, G5f star, high tech economy, 6 planets. The system name on the galaxy map is Yasolais VII, but the system was renamed to Tortuga, so either name may show. If you have the portal coordinates, here’s a screen cap with those. Click for larger view.
A trading post and small base on a snowy icy world.
The base name is S Class Multi – Pirate System on the planet Thwic Delta. If for some reason, the base marker isn’t showing, the coordinates are +12.34 +96.47. It’s a hyperborean world with ice storms, few sentinels, but many predators. Be careful!

Reloading on the frozen planet presents a somewhat dull little pistol. I checked some of the other planets, and reloading on the corrosive planet presented me with this nice brown rifle with 19 open slots. The others were variations on this one but horribly colored. Sorry, I didn’t write them down.
Stat sheet for a brown laser rifle in No Man's Sky.
Just a bit to the south of the minor outpost is a crashed freighter (sorry, no marker), and about a 30 second pulse flight south is some runaway mold. There are two comm balls at the mold, and these can usually be seen from the outpost. If not, maybe reload, or just fly southward slowly. It’s about nine balls and worth blasting!

Hope people are able to find this and find it helpful. I was super excited to run across an S Class multitool, because the one I started with was terrible, and I hated it. Now I can boldly go kill sentinels and gather whispering eggs! 🤣

Good luck on your expedition! Stay safe!

Leviathan Expedition

The redux of the Leviathan Expedition started today in No Man’s Sky. I didn’t do this one the first time around, because it seemed hard and irritating and I had other more important hard and irritating things to do at the time. I still didn’t want to do it this time, because I just don’t like permadeath/survival/rogue-like gameplay. But … it’s the only expedition I haven’t done at least once, so I’m going to try to get through it.

So far, I’ve put in five and a half hours. The first iteration is done, and I got a few milestones done in the other iterations. Felt like a good time to take a break, mostly because I need to figure out what I’m going to do to get together two thousand nanites quickly and easily. The next anchor point is in a green star system, so I’m gonna need the correct warp drive upgrade. Ugh. So expensive! I currently have two hundred nanites. It’s gonna be a slog.

But it’s been kinda fun, I guess? I’ve only died the one time you have to in order to complete a milestone, but I’ve also not gone and done some of the things that feel like they will lead to dying. Like killing sentinels. Or collecting whispering eggs. I don’t plan to die a second time, but it may very well happen. Ok, probably happen.

Too Much Turkey

I’ve been quiet, haven’t I? Well, the eating of Thanksgiving foodstuffs took a few days. It was our first one with just the two of us, and I might have made far too much of everything. We’ve been in a food coma, taking naps, and playing video games for days. Been kinda nice, actually!

Last night was the first night we ate something other than turkey, green bean casserole, potatoes au gratin, and stuffing. I made taco salad. I wasn’t hungry at all, in fact I may never be hungry again, but the husband feels it important to eat at least one or two meals a day. I suggested we finish off the pecan pie for dinner, but he wasn’t into the idea. Said it wasn’t “healthy” or some such. Pfft!

The other reason for so much silence is the redux versions of the No Man’s Sky expeditions have started, and the very first one … Exobiology … is my all-time favorite. Naturally, I just wanted to do that and nothing else, which I did for 25 hours and 45 minutes. In between the naps and eating, of course. I started the thing knowing I’d want to keep playing the save, so I took longer than usual to get through the scenario goals. There was also a lot of time spent shambling around on planets watching sunsets and seeing pretty views, because those are both integral to my No Man’s Sky experience. My original Exobiology save is now the one hopping through galaxies (have recently arrived in #50), but I’m not sure what life mission I will give this one. Maybe I get back to base building? I haven’t done much of that lately.

Anyway, here’s my favorite moment from the expedition … contacting a space sentience. I saved it for last, because it leaves a memorable experience.❤️
A small, boxy, chrome and pink spaceship with vertical solar panels for wings encounters an enormous spherical space sentience, it’s outer skin transparent with a hexagonal texture, its interior filled with dancing points of light, and at its center a roiling mass of pale blue ribbons glowing brightly.

And now it’s Monday, and I have a million things I need to get done this week. I’m not wanting to do any of them, of course, because it’s impossible to get moving after four entire days of eating and extreme laziness. Holidays are great, until they’re over!

Addendum: I am still working on setting up a newsletter for all my friends who are now spread everywhere on the internet. It’s been more of a bother than expected, but I’ll eventually get it sorted out. Or I’ll find some other solution to the problem.

Found Civilization!

So I did find civilization in Galaxy 42! A lot of it, 820,000 light years from the galactic core. Tons of bases and communication balls. I visited some of them, but this one was AMAZING!

A large, golden, circular space station hovers over an red alien landscape.

Funny thing … I decided to see what the weekend quest was, so I summoned the Anomaly, decided it wasn’t anything I wanted to do right then, and went to the teleporter to return to my freighter. The amazing base I’d just been at? A featured base at the Anomaly. So I’ve spent all this time and energy getting there, and Lin will be popping right over this weekend, right in the heart of a civilization. I’d be cranky about it, but I’ve had fun getting through all those galaxies. A journey is more than the destination.

I’ll be hanging out in Galaxy 42 for a while. I want to build a nice base to add to the collection here, though mine will in no way compete with this one.