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I forgot to do some important adulting yesterday. Oops. Nothing life or death, but likely to irritate someone. My normal response to forgetting to do an important thing would be to beat myself up about it for days and feel terrible and get all stressed out. I’ve decided, in light of the fact I’m still learning to live with Grave's Disease and what it’s like to be on an assortment of medications and technically still recuperating from nearly dying, I’m just going to be kind to myself.

I got the thing done, as soon as I remembered, and me being a bit flaky about getting things done is probably the new normal. Everyone else in my life will have to adapt as much as I am. Do I wish I were the Type A "get all the stuff done now" person I used to be? Yes, I do. It’s becoming quite clear though that I’m not. I’m moving slower both physically and mentally, and while I think some things will continue to get better over time, I do believe this is my new normal. Or at least it is right now.

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Just checked our water usage from yesterday, and everything looked normal. Spikes of usage for morning coffee, mealtimes, and just before bed. Long periods of time in between with no water usage at all. So, thanks to the new smart meter, I know the low water pressure, which is ongoing, is not us having some weird random leak somewhere unseen. I knew it wasn’t an us problem, but good to have it confirmed.

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Water pressure in the house has been low today. My first thought this morning was that we had a leak, but it’s also been variable, sometimes almost normal, so I’d think it’s not an us problem. Remembering we have a brand new smart meter, I log into the electric website, because our water is on that bill. Well, water has its own damn website now, so I had to create an account. For yet another site. Ugh.

Anyway, the site updates the meter data once a day at 5 am, but our water usage is like clockwork. Sorta funny. I can tell I do laundry on Mondays. Those are the only higher spikes. But nothing looks odd there, so I’m going to assume some of the construction somewhere either is on waterlines or has done something to one. Provided I don’t see a water use spike when the website updates tomorrow morning, I guess I’ll just roll with it until it irritates me enough to call and complain or gets better on its own.

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