Proof of Life

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I’m still alive! Been a whole bunch of stuff going on taking up all my mental (and emotional) bandwidth, so I’ve just not been on the internet much at all. When I have some quiet moments, I’d rather die repeatedly in Conan Exiles than attempt to be social. All of this too shall pass, I’ll get chatty again, and you’ll wish you could shut me up. 🤣


Everything Breaks

Sat down to play some video games and it appears the external hard drive on which I keep all my games has died. Or there’s a PlayStation bug. Whatever it is, it gets stuck in a loop of saying it needs to repair the drive, getting 22% done with it, and then saying it needs to repair the drive.

I don’t know what to do, so I’m going to just sit here and freak out for a while. Then I guess I’ll play some while Conan Exiles (and eventually Sims 4) download all over again, this time onto the internal hard drive. I’m not buying a new USB drive right this minute.



Just went to put the last of the bagged ice into the ice dispensing bin, and when I opened the door what did I behold? Apparently overnight the ice maker suddenly decided to start working again. The bin was completely full. Well, at least next time it acts up, we’ll already have the ice cube trays and a plan, and you just know it’ll act up again eventually.

Next fridge we have to get, there will be no ice and water in the door. None. This is the second one we’ve had like this, and it’s always terrible. Ok well … the fridge and freezer parts of this one aren’t terrible. Actually pretty good. But the damn ice maker? Completely terrible.


Four is Enough

It finally feels like four ice cube trays will do well enough to keep us supplied with ice, so tomorrow, I’m going to start refilling the dispenser bin with the bagged ice. I’d like to reclaim the freezer space that bag of ice is currently sitting in. It’s a lot of space. I’d much rather it be full of food. Or ice cream. Or anything other than ice, really.