T-Day is On!

Potatoes au gratin are in the oven. Green bean casserole is ready to go in as well, in about 20 minutes. The turkey, which is already cooked (thank goodness), is not yet entirely thawed. I’ve not yet made the stuffing. Everything’s fine! I’m going to sit for a minute and finish my coffee, and then I’ll deal with the icy turkey and the stuffing. Thus far, no major problems.

Glad I did all that prep work yesterday. Allowed me to sleep in a bit today. Also, hunger pangs aside, it doesn’t really matter if we eat at noon or later in the day. It’s just us. Though I’m pretty sure the husband would prefer sooner rather than later.

Addendum 12pm: The potatoes have been in the oven for thirty minutes. They should be showing some signs of cooking, and yet they do not. Not cooked at all. The potatoes have to be half cooked before the green beans go into the oven. I’m beginning to feel hungry. We’re all gonna die.

I did though get the stuffing done. In light of the potato situation, I won’t be hopping up to do the gravy right this minute.

The turkey is less icy.

Addendum 12:30pm: And now the potatoes have gone from not at all cooked to totally ready to eat. The green beans have not been in the oven yet. Argh!

The turkey is completely thawed and ready to be heated. Phew.

Still need to do the gravy.

Am now officially starving.

Addendum to the addendum: Have uncanned the cranberry sauce. It’s in the fridge, still shaped like a can. Whatever.

I think the potatoes au gratin are going to turn out fine. Edible, anyway. What more can anyone ask?

I’ve still not gotten to the gravy.

Addendum to the addendum to the addendum: I forgot to make the croissants. Screw it. Who needs more bread?!

Wrong Beans

The fresh green beans I ordered were supposed to be mechanically snipped. Sure, you still have to keep an eye on them as you cut them in half, because the machines do occasionally miss a stem or tip, but overall, it’s a big time saver.

The green beans I received were not mechanically snipped. Not at all. Regular fresh green beans had been subbed without me noticing. So the whole “prep the beans for green bean casserole” stage of my day has been rather longer than expected.

I’m not done yet. Just taking a break, because there’s truly only so much green bean snipping I can stand, which is why I ordered the pre-snipped ones. Also, the skin on the tips of my thumbs hurts.


T-Day Ahead

We realized quite late that Thanksgiving is next week, and then the husband seemed interested in actually having Thanksgiving foods for Thanksgiving. “But don’t make a fuss,” he said. So I set about ordering the boxed turkey meal we’d been getting the last few years, but alas … no longer available. I had to order the necessary things, and there will be cooking involved. Fine. Whatever.

The groceries just arrived, and I’m glad I had the foresight to order two different kinds of smoked turkey breast, because we only got one. Also, we didn’t get the half pecan/half pumpkin pie. We’ll be having pecan only, and we will enjoy it. We got jellied cranberries instead of whole. So all I need to do for Thanksgiving is make green bean casserole, stuffing, gravy, and some sort of potato dish. That sorta feels like a fuss. Well, at least I don’t have to do the turkey!

While I’d have rather done no cooking for Thanksgiving, it is a true fact my cooking is better than the precooked frozen Boxed Turkey Day Meal. It’s not terrible by any means, but it is a bit bland and well, mass produced. Another upside is that making it from scratch is WAY cheaper. I’m sure everything will be fine, and the day will be fine, and we’ll be happy to have turkey and most of the usual fixings. Mostly, I just want to dig into the pie. I’d bet good money it doesn’t remain untouched until Thanksgiving.