Went Shopping

We bought all the normal ice cube trays at our neighborhood Target. Four of them. And we got two new cookie sheets, because mine are a hundred years old and well past their prime. We looked at a countertop ice maker. We almost bought it, but I want to do more research first. Also, I still hold out hope I can get the one in the freezer working again. Maybe?

Additionally, I looked at clothing and as usual was depressed to find nothing in the ladies section that fits me, or was decent enough quality to bother with. I did end up getting a new tank top and a strappy little body con dress, both in army green. These items were pure shopping therapy. I saw a long white 80s style baggy white shirt I liked, but not paying what they wanted for it, because it would fall apart too fast. Did take a pic to steal the design though. 🤣

source https://mefi.social/@Orb/110601237576903108