RSS to WordPress

Ok, here’s how I’m getting my fediverse posts to post as individual posts on my WordPress blog: I’m using an RSS to WordPress applet at It’s not 100% perfect, but it gets the job mostly done. It will transfer all plain text into a post, you can set a default title, category, and tags for said post, and it links back to the original fediverse post. It ignores photos entirely, and I haven’t posted a link, so no idea how it will react to that. It’s the best free option I’ve found thus far.

What I plan to do, and have done, is at the end up the day or when I have time, I go clean up the posts by giving them proper titles and tags, and uploading whatever photos didn’t carry over. I’m only doing that because that’s all that’s going on at my blog right now, and it’s all on the front page (and I’m picky about stuff). If you had a dedicated page just for your Fedi posts, you could probably just use it as is without doing added editing.