Thinking Out Loud

The weather has been rainy, which is great as we need rain, and so I’ve been stuck inside mostly playing video games. It’s also given me time to think about things. The thing I’ve been considering all week is do I want to move my blog to new software.

Not that there’s anything at all wrong with WordPress. I always loved it and still do, but the rise of the fediverse has opened up some interesting options. I’d been trying various ways to tie my WordPress install into Mastodon/the fediverse, and I find all the ways to do that to just be limited in functionality or otherwise irritating. Sometimes, they just don’t work. I’m sure some of these options will eventually get to where I want them, without me having to do the work (which I no longer find enjoyable), but it’s moving too slowly for me. I’m impatient.

But what if, instead of hosting my own WordPress site, I had my own instance in the fediverse, which then became my blog? And what if I paid someone else to run the whole backend, because I just don’t want to learn how to do it myself? I’m just not up to learning new stuff right now.

There’s a lot to consider, but it feels like the way forward. I think it might be fun and different and more suited to my barely posting situation. Or maybe I’d post more! What I’ve found since I left Twitter and moved to the fediverse is that I am posting more there, having great conversations with all manner of people, and I haven’t figured out why that is. I suspect it’s because it’s not a toxic hellhole. Maybe my blog needs to live in that environment too.

Anyway, that’s just some stuff that’s been bopping around in my head as the rain continues to fall. Maybe nothing comes of it. Maybe I do something crazy and really mix things up. Hard to tell at this stage of contemplation.

An addendum: It’s just so obvious from the Mastodon posts in my sidebar that I post things over there that in the olden days I’d have posted on my blog. But over here, very few folks will see it, and there will be almost no conversation, and the people who would like to see it are over there in the fediverse, so then I have to post a link to some short post on the blog, and I feel that’s irritating for everyone. Like, maybe I should just be over there all the time.