Have banged my brain against today’s irritating blog backend problem. Solved half of it. Know how to solve the other half of it. Will not be solving it today, because my brain hurts from all the brain banging.

All of this would be a thousand times easier if I were working on a computer and not a tablet. I shall persevere. This too shall pass.

Latest Problem

Oh hey … a new problem. For some unknown reason, the photo editor I have always used on my iPad is turning a 1.2 megabyte file into a 9.2 megabyte file, when all I’ve done is adjust contrast and brightness. It’s ludicrous. Why would it do that? It’s insane!

Guess I’ll be looking into a different photo editing system for my iPad. Gotta have one, and it can’t be making my file sizes ten times larger.

I suppose I shall TEMPORARILY fall back into nasty arms of Adobe. Blech.

Late Night Tea

I’m sitting here having a nice cup of chamomile tea to celebrate having solved a problem I’ve pretty much been working on all damn day. Many times over the course of my day, I questioned whether maybe I should have just paid someone to manage all the backend blogging stuff and just babbled happily, never having to figure out how to make things work myself. Hell, I could have just pointed my domain name to a free blogging site and pressed on with life! But the feeling I got when I figured it out and made what I wanted to happen ACTUALLY HAPPEN (in this case, small snippets of text posted to the sidebar when I posted to a specific category), there ain’t nothing like it. And even though I ache from so much sitting still and I’ve got a righteous headache from staring at plain text for hours, it’s been a glorious day. I … had … fun. So no, letting someone else manage the backend of my blog would not have been the correct choice. Apparently, I love staring at plain text for hours. Or rather, I love the feeling of achievement when a problem is solved.

There are still plenty of problems to solve at the old blog. The public face of it doesn’t show the work going on behind the scene, but there’s been a lot of work. There’s a lot I want to do yet too. A solid foundation is important for every project!

I’m going to finish my tea and watch a few cat videos. Hopefully, by the time I’ve done that, I’ll be able to go to sleep. I’m so tired, but I’m also so excited, because I’m almost back to babbling into the void!