In Touch?

Current blog related problem I’m trying to solve is how to inform people who have now scattered to the four winds that I’ve posted to my blog. I’d intended to just keep auto posting links to Twitter, but I noped 100% out today. Auto posting to Facebook only works if you have a page, which I did, but it’s so damn complicated I can’t even with that nonsense. I may be able to allow people to follow me on Mastodon without me having to be on Mastodon, but without knowing how it works over there, I have no idea if that’s a good idea or not. Ugh.

As early twentieth century as it sounds, I swear it feels like putting out an email newsletter is the way to go. That’s a lot more work for me, because I would, of course, want said newsletter to be awesome. You know, look nice and stuff.

It’s almost 2023, and I’m thinking of putting together a newsletter. What has become of my life?! 🤣

Construction Zone

Pointed my second domain to the new hosting server this morning. Now nothing remains of my existence at the prior host. Feels good. There’s nothing going on at that domain right now, but at least it’s set up and ready to go. Currently, it’s just pointing at this one, until such time as I decide which of my plans for it is the one I really want to run with and have time to do it.

The behind the scenes work at Just Orb is pretty much finished. Well, as finished as any of my websites ever are. I’ll be perpetually poking and prodding and changing things. Nature of the beast, I suppose. I shall now turn my eye to how the thing looks. If I’m being completely honest, I like how it looks right now, but we live in a world where people appreciate some whiz-bang and bling more than a bunch of boring words, so maybe I doll the place up a bit. Maybe not. After all, this is mostly just a place for me to shout into the void and wave my arms around helplessly. If anyone other than myself or my husband reads it, that’s just a bonus situation.

And again … if anyone looking at this on an actual desktop computer could let me know if it looks and works okay, that’d be great. I continue to not possess a computer, so I only know how it looks/works on mobile.


Work continues on the backend of this here blog. It’s getting there. Slowly but surely. I’m not in any great hurry.

It has occurred to me that I don’t actually know how any of this looks or works on an actual computer. So like if you happen to stop by and also happen to not be viewing it on a mobile device, could you let me know if it’s awful or not? 🤣


Have banged my brain against today’s irritating blog backend problem. Solved half of it. Know how to solve the other half of it. Will not be solving it today, because my brain hurts from all the brain banging.

All of this would be a thousand times easier if I were working on a computer and not a tablet. I shall persevere. This too shall pass.

Latest Problem

Oh hey … a new problem. For some unknown reason, the photo editor I have always used on my iPad is turning a 1.2 megabyte file into a 9.2 megabyte file, when all I’ve done is adjust contrast and brightness. It’s ludicrous. Why would it do that? It’s insane!

Guess I’ll be looking into a different photo editing system for my iPad. Gotta have one, and it can’t be making my file sizes ten times larger.

I suppose I shall TEMPORARILY fall back into nasty arms of Adobe. Blech.