Links of Note

Always keep in mind that anything you read on the internet may very well be the mad ravings of a delusional computer.

Next time you’re on your favorite news site, you might want to double check the byline to see if it was written by an actual human.
CNET, a massively popular tech news outlet, has been quietly employing the help of “automation technology” — a stylistic euphemism for AI — on a new wave of financial explainer articles, seemingly starting around November of last year.
Futurism/The Byte

This is an absolutely delightful photography project you simply must see! It’ll make you giggle, I promise!

“Passport Photos” looks at one of the most mundane and unexciting types of photography. Heavily restricted and regulated … It seems almost impossible for any kind of self-expression.

The series tries to challenge these official rules by testing all the things you could be doing while you are taking your official document photo.
Max Siedentopt – Passport Photos