Last Word on Ice

My final report on my ice crisis:

I’m giving up on the ice maker. It’s either the motor or the internal water line, neither of which I can access without taking apart things not designed to be taken apart. So it’s a project for another day. Or never. Probably never.

I have finally learned how to use ice cube trays, and four looks like it will mostly be enough ice for us. The teal trays take six hours to freeze solid. The black trays take seven hours. No idea what the difference. Filtered water freezes faster than tap. And while the in door dispenser will crush the cubes, it won’t dispense whole cubes, which bothers me not at all, because I only use crushed ice. The husband will just have to work with this limitation in our ice dispensing capabilities.

So for the time being, our ice crisis is over. No one is happy about any of it, but we’ve got ice, and that’s what really matters.


Continuing Ice Crisis

I know you are all just dying to hear me complain about ice some more. It’s such a stimulating topic, yes?

Two of the four ice cube trays finally solidified completely. Interestingly, the two teal ones. The two black ones still not so much. I have refilled the teal ones, but not as much as I filled them last time. Now two trays half filled the ice dispenser bin, and it appears that even though I made some honking huge cubes, the crushing bits crushes it. Maybe we can survive until I can get the ice maker working or give in and buy a counter top unit. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

We have an emergency bag of ice, just in case. 🤣


Freeze, Damn You!

I waited three hours to check on the ice cube trays. One of them is partially frozen, the other three are not at all frozen. This is in a freezer set to -5°F and that has a history of freezing things so hard it takes days to thaw in the fridge (and several hours on a counter). It’ll freeze a pound of hamburger rock hard in three hours. What the actual hell? At this rate, four trays will never be enough, and I don’t think filling the entire freezer with trays would even keep up with my household’s ice demands. I better get to researching those countertop ice makers.


Tense Moments

There was a bit of excitement as we walked back to the car. A crazy asshole in a black car zoomed into the parking lot and started doing crazy things like doing donuts, peeling out and abruptly stopping, and erratically zooming around at top speed. Pro tip for when crazy things are happening in a parking lot: walk between the parked cars and not where cars can drive. Provides cover for whatever crazy might happen and opportunities for escape from people trying to run you over. All and all, it was a few stressful moments.

Gotta admit I was also a bit concerned gunfire might happen, because it does pretty regularly doesn’t it?