Continued Crankiness

In hopes of being able to set a day to look forward too, I looked at the long range weather forecast for my area. Freaking depressing. It’s going to continue to be dark, gloomy, chilly, and moist for the entire week. I can’t possibly sleep through the entire week in order to avoid it … or can I? I mean, I could TRY to sleep through the entire gross and wet week, but then nothing at all would get done.

Since I’m pretty sure I am not actually able to sleep through an entire week of nasty winter weather, just as I am sure the things which need doing outside in the yard won’t get done due to said weather either, I suppose I’ll just spend the week poking around on my server space, figuring out what I want to do with my second domain, and setting up that newsletter people expect me to be setting up. Oh, and I need to keep sorting through my art supplies and tossing the bad ones. The weather is perfect for these activities. Without a doubt there will also be plenty of naps.

And I’ve just remembered Thursday is Thanksgiving. Argh! Well, now I have plenty of things to do on Wednesday and Thursday! And the whole house will be warm and smell great from the cooking. Not going to make me less cranky about the weather, but at least I’ll have something to keep me busy.

And any plans for the week will be for naught, if the cat food doesn’t arrive very soon. They had breakfast, but dinner time is fast approaching, and there is no acceptable cat kibble in the house. We will be eaten alive, and Ronin, who is on a prescription diet and has food, will sit and watch it happen like some sort of dinner theater. It’ll be a tragi-comedy.

Speaking of dinner, I have no idea what we humans will eat tonight. Something involving sausage, which is what I pulled from the freezer earlier today. Guess I should go shamble about in the kitchen and make some decisions.