Oh Gods … Nutcracker

We have survived another viewing of The Nutcracker. It was the 60th anniversary performance.
A copy of En Face dance magazine advertising the 60th anniversary performance of The Nutcracker.
We have decided maybe we’ve seen The Nutcracker enough for the rest of our lives. Ok, maybe we skip a year or two and see how we feel about it then. I don’t even know how many times we’ve seen it. Probably close to 30?

We deserve a break!

Thing Done

It had been my intention to be fully back to regularly posting on my blog, sending out a cute weekly newsletter, and throwing myself fully back into the creative process by January. This felt like a totally achievable goal. Things had been doing well enough, and while I do seem to be getting things done at a slower rate than in the past, I had been getting things done. But now, I’m back down in the grief hole, and everything feels impossible.

The big important for me project I had planned to get done today was clearing space on my work table so making art would be possible, even if unlikely to happen, and I did manage to get that done. Nothings fully organized yet, but there’s space to work, so maybe it happens, maybe it doesn’t. Maybe the table gets filled with the debris of life again. Onky time will tell.
A medium brown wooden table covered with piles of art supplies with a small clear space in the middle where work might be done.