Such Length!

Last night, the husband noted my hair is now well below my tailbone. It’s brushing the top of my thighs … longest it’s ever been. It’s true I didn’t do my annual trimming of four inches this year, as the ends were not split and had grown very evenly. I thought that when I stopped putting my hair up in a bun every day and just let it hang down wild and free it would be utterly destroyed, leading to needing to cut a lot of it off. Perhaps I even hoped for that, because I can’t seem to cut lots of my hair off until it must be done. Alas, the opposite has happened. It now appears that the constant bun wearing was actually damaging my hair! Now I know!

I do need to find a way to get it out of my way though. I can’t wear the topknot anymore. Causes headaches and scalp pain. My hair is just too heavy for that now. Aside from leaving it completely free, I do deploy a low ponytail or simple braid, but that still leaves a lot of hair to get into things. I’ve not yet found any way to fully contain it that doesn’t lead to scalp pain or headache, mostly because I also need it to be super simple to do. I am inept at working with my own hair, and my hair has a willful mind of its own. If I keep wearing it fully down though, there’s going to be a hair tragedy at some point.

I’ve also been working on accepting my hair as it is. This is actually the bigger challenge. While I may want perfectly straight and silky hair, that is not the hair I was born with, and I refuse to use chemicals to achieve it. So I should learn to love the hair I have, and that hair has texture. It’s what happens when wavy fine hair gets too long/heavy and the the waves can’t form. I’ve considered using products to help form waves, but then I’d have to wash my hair more often than I do, and let me tell you, washing butt length thigh length hair is tedious and irritating. The days of me washing my hair multiples of times a week is long over. Ain’t nobody got the time or energy for that these days!

Anyway, I was just brushing my hair and trying to decide what to do with it, because I have to go out into the world today and run some errands. Had some thoughts and thought I’d share. I’m trying to get back into the habit of blogging and sharing whatever silliness pops into my head. It feels weird. It’ll stop feeling weird eventually. I used to post multiples of times a day about all manner of boring mundane subjects. I’d like to get back to that. For some crazy reason, my friends enjoy it.

And now I better make some lunch, so I can get to those errands. At least we have sunshine today! I’ve missed the sun so much. Hope it sticks around a while, but I bet not.