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Content warning: Pet death, grief

I was awakened by Yuki coming to sleep on my husband's head, where she loves to greet the morning. When she arrives, he always pets her in his sleep, which revs up the purring. She sounds like a small but very noisy motorcycle. Tora was curled up in her usual spot beside me, and of course, Ronin was missing, so I got up to check on Myu (Ronin's actual sister).

I found her curled up in a tight little ball on Ronin's favorite blanket at the foot of my recliner, so now I’m sitting here giving her some cuddles. Some people say cats don’t get sad when other household cats die, but those people are wrong. Myu is sad. I only put down three bowls for their dinner, and she sat there crying until I put down Ronin's bowl and put food into it. She’s been curling up on all his favorite sleeping spots. And she just exudes sadness. It isn’t me reading things which aren’t there. The other cats are also exhibiting unusual behaviors. We are all sad.