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Just checked the forums, and as daylight has moved across the face of our planet and people in other regions have logged in to official servers, it is now obvious that the decay timer for all followers being set to 24 hours has happened across all the servers. Everyone who plays on official servers on the Exiled Lands map has lost all their horses, pets, and their army of thralls, as well as anything they were wearing/carrying. The Isle of Siptah map has been saved due to decay being turned off thanks to a game breaking bug the last update introduced.

As expected, there has been no response from Funcom, because it’s the weekend, and these folks don’t work weekends. They also don’t play their own game on official servers, or they’d know there’s an apocalyptic level company destroying problem that needs attention right now. They don’t know it yet, but this will effect Funcom's financial bottom line.