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Speaking of , I am reinstalling the game right now. When I shut it down to go to bed, it froze on the disconnecting screen and corrupted my save file again. Thanks to my smart move to always offload the save when it closes properly, I only lost two hours of progress building a base, and if I’m being honest, it’ll only take 15 minutes to rebuild that stuff. Half an hour was figuring out what I wanted to build, another hour of figuring out how to make the build system let me do it, and then making more bricks when I saw I needed more, followed by fifteen minutes of actual building.

I wish they’d fix the game, but I suspect they never will, not with their new Dune game coming. I love the game and would run a PVE server for nice people, but not with it in the state it’s in. I can’t even recommend anyone play it, unless like me, you are able to adapt to occasionally losing progress. Oh, and some invisible enemies who will kill you dead. 🤣