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So I’m over at the forums, and it looks like for some unknown reason, the thrall decay timer on many (maybe all) official servers has been set to one day. That means, if you don’t log in every 24 hours, all your pets, thralls, and horses go poof and disappear. They aren’t easy to get, or to level up, and most of them use high end gear, often better than what the player wears (because you don’t want your investment to die). Some people have collected theirs for years, and poof. Gone, because of a setting change on the server.

This comes just two months after that made changes to a building set and destroyed any bases that had used it. And people tell me to play on the official multiplayer servers to avoid the brokenness of single player. Sure, I have to reinstall the game every two hundred hours of playtime, but my thralls are still where I left them, because I turned all decay off.