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Content warning: terminally ill cat

Ronin had a bad day yesterday. Bad enough that before I trudged to bed at 3 am this morning, I’d gotten out the numbers for his actual vet and the one I’ve picked to come to the house to see him off. As I fell asleep, I even thought it might be possible I'd wake up this morning spooning a deceased cat. Like I said, bad day.

But my alarm went off, he was sleeping on my head where he loves to sleep, and when I got up, he ran to the kitchen with the other cats and joined in their demands for breakfast, which he happily ate. His eyes are bright, and he is being 100% his usual self (which is still a sick cat, but he’s not had bad days like this so far). Like yesterday didn’t even happen.

I’ve put away the vet numbers for now, and I have a much better idea of how to judge his quality of life and when it’s time to say goodbye. Could still be this week, or maybe he has a long string of good days before bad happens again. There’s just no way of predicting.