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I have just had a conversation with Google Fiber. Well, when I say "conversation" I mean I read them the riot act after they informed me the person on my porch wanting to run a cable to a network box that does not exist on the side of my house (due to us having cancelled our install) and who understood no English at all actually was one of their subcontractors. At a minimum, anyone doing any sort of work in or to someone's home in Texas needs to be minimally bilingual in Spanish and English or have some way to communicate. They also need some way to show they are doing work for Google and aren’t just some random guy standing on my porch. And why the hell was he there anyway?!

I mean I went off on them about all that and ended it with asking when they planned to set up our school with the free fiber they promised way back when they arrived in town. They have still not done it.