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So I’m in the middle of a hundred things, and a knock comes on the door. It’s a Google Fiber guy wanting to do an installation. The guy didn’t speak English, so he called the office, and it took him three people to find someone to speak English. At this point, I am angry and suspicious. It all feels off somehow.

Anyway, I testily explain we are not having Google Fiber installed, they are not coming into the house, or the back yard, so go away. And the guy does, but man, lots of alarm bells. Like, I can’t believe so many people working in Google's installation office don’t speak any English at all. I also doubt the install guy would show up in a vintage 90s sedan, with no Google bling on it or his person. Every bit of the whole thing was unprofessional and weird, and while I hate Google, they are generally neither of those things.

I’m gonna email Google Fiber and complain. 🤣