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It is ludicrous that PS5 controllers, which cost $70-$80 dollars (or more, you can pay more) really only last six or so months before the joysticks develop some sort of problem. I got my PS5 for my birthday last year (February). Within 6 months the first controller developed stick drift on the right joystick. The one that mostly controls the camera in the games I play. I assure you, I am not aggressively or harshly moving the camera.

I played a bit longer with that one, until it got much worse, then I switched to the second controller. Likely because I haven’t been playing FFXIV (or any MMO) with this one, it’s lasted longer, but when it went, it went. Can’t even call it stick drift. The left controller will suddenly and dramatically cause rapid movement to the left. Of all the controllers I’ve ever owned, I’ve never seen anything like it.

So I need a new controller ASAP, and I’m cranky about it.