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What's a Blue Alert? You must live somewhere that doesn’t feel the need to inform everyone everywhere at any time whenever a cop is injured. Yeah, that’s what they are. When a cop in Texas is injured or killed, I have to hear about it instantly by way of public safety alerts on my phone. What really grinds my gears is they have tied them to the actual public safety alert system, so if I want to received warnings about severe weather events, I can’t turn them off. Someone injuring a cop 200 miles away is apparently as life threatening to my neighbors and me as a tornado headed right for our homes.

Cops are not more important than anyone else, so why don’t I get alerts at all hours when non-cops are injured or killed? Someone can be murdered a few blocks from my house, the perp on the run in my 'hood, and I won’t hear about it for days. So either alerts for all violent crimes or let me turn off Blue Alerts, which do nothing but remind me cop lives matter more than mine.

Fuck the pigs.