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Doctors all came round today in roaming packs according to their specialty.

The cardiologists still say they think the afib is thyroid related, but either way if it doesn’t clear up when the thyroid is better, they can do that on a moment’s notice. Just wait and see for that.

The endocrinologists still say the opposite, that the afib is unrelated to the thyroid storm. Their suggestion for my thyroid is to cut the thing out this week. I’m going to have to be my very best advocate, because I’m not removing a body part under short notice. There are other less destructive options (which they failed to mentioned at all).

The other teams have dropped me because those body parts got normal, boring, and healthy.

Anyway, I seem to be doing much better in most ways, though walking and breathing is still very hard. We’re just waiting for my lab numbers to get normal to finish up, and they are getting close.

But no, I’ll not be having my thyroid out in the next three days. Absolutely not.