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HEB delivered our groceries to a neighbor's house. 30 minutes after it was delivered, I knocked on the neighbor's door, and yes, they had my groceries. They’d already begun to unpack them, because when they called the store, they told them to keep it. Do note, I have not yet heard from the store myself. So they let the neighbors keep my food and don’t bother making sure I get any?

Then during this kerfuffle, I fell. No major damage. Nothing. Broken anyway. Oh, and the neighbor said the groceries had been sitting out in their porch for over an hour. No, they were not. They arrived at 4:06, which was when I was informed it was delivered. He lied to me. He hasn’t ever had groceries delivered, so he doesn’t know I get all sorts of updates as stuff is on the way. Anyway, I will go back to not speaking to those neighbors.

I set a snippy message to the store, asking if they ever intended to contact me about the $200 worth of foodstuffs I didn’t receive. So I’m also angry at HEB. 🤬