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So I paid the property taxes for my parents' house, at least I entered all the info into the janky online system they have set up for paying taxes. I’ll call in a couple days to verify they got the e-check payment, but the jankiness of the payment system isn’t what I want to complain about. At least not right his moment.

If I’d paid using a credit or debit card, it was going to be $120 more as a service charge. If I paid by e-check, the service fee was only 50¢. What in the actual fuck? I think you can see why I went with the jankier, less immediate method of paying. I’m not spending a week's worth of groceries on a damn service fee, if I don’t have to.

Furthermore, the stupid payment system didn’t even send me any sort of email receipt. I, of course, screen capped everything, but you know, what sort of payment system doesn’t send a email receipt? A janky one!

Gods, I hope the property taxes have been paid. Please. I do not need more stress right now. Or late fees!