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Quite a while back, I forgot my Aloe Vera on the porch, it rained, and the plant drowned. If it weren’t the last surviving offspring of my great grandfather's Aloe Vera plant, I’d have just gone and bought another or not even bothered. But yeah, when we bought the house, mom gave me a tiny little offshoot of her plant, and so I was pretty damn devastated that I’d murdered it after years of it thriving in my kitchen.

I have been working to save any little bit of it since last summer. It has been slow going with many failures but a few successes. Finally, a few months ago, the bits I’d stuffed into a cat treat container with totally the wrong soil, began to look decent. I set it back up on the kitchen window sill, right over the stove, where it had always lived lived. And then I ignored it, aside from the occasional panic that it needed a bit of water. Anyway, it’s looking so good now, that I think it may need a proper pot and correct soil. Yay!