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So we finally seem to have sorted out my health insurance problems, maybe. I’ve been on the website twice now trying to find a doctor to see about the health problems I’m currently having, and the entire process is inscrutable to me. Probably because I’ve only been in the presence of a health care professional maybe a total of ten times in my life (including the day I was born), and I’ve never had to deal with health insurance before.

Like what is the difference between searching for someone for a "physician office visit" or someone who is does "general practice"? What am I looking for? Who do I need to see? My health insurance company is unhelpful in all ways. I just want someone to look me over, listen to the problems I’ve been having, and tell me why I feel the ways I feel and what to do about it, and I feel lost in this regard. Like it’d be easier and less irritating to just slowly lurch around the house gasping for air until I die.