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I was so tired this afternoon, I laid down to have a nap. As I slept (far too long), Lin went out into the world on Christmas Eve to find some eggnog for me. It’s the one holiday thing I’ve been wanting, and have not been able to find anywhere.

Well, guess what? He went to more than one store and also found no eggnog! It’s madness! Pre-pandemic, you couldn’t walk around a grocery store without running into eggnog, and now no eggnog. What’s up with that? Have Americans decided they hate eggnog? Has it been determined to cause death and dismemberment?

Anyway, Lin did bring home a pumpkin pie and a large glass bottle of organic chocolate mint milk, so that right there is going to be our new Christmas Eve tradition. We'll be digging into that right after we finish stuffing our faces with Moo Goo Gai Pan.