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Well, my Conan Exiles battlepass problem got sorted. But all those folks who wrongfully got banned? Apparently each and every one of them has to send in a support ticket, and they’ll be sorting them out one by one. It’s gonna take forever. If that happened to me, I’d just uninstall the game. Of course, I don’t have hundreds of actual dollars worth of fake money sitting in my account either. I am shocked how much people spend on this game.

I did make another bug report tonight though. Found some irritating graphical errors. Like the grass they improved last update has stopped being improved, and the giant statues out in the world are once again invisible. Also, the nicest of the building sets now has cracks in the walls that you can see through. Do I expect any of this to get fixed? No.

And don’t even ask me or anyone else who plays the game how the combat changes worked out. It’s universally terrible.