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Watching The Nutcracker for the one millionth time wasn’t completely terrible. We had really nice seats, nestled in the midst of some of the largest ballet benefactors, and I may have actually enjoyed myself a little. Though I was so incredibly tired by the time it was over, and in some amount of pain from the seating, that I almost didn’t make it up the stairs in the parking garage. Also, while I was quite warm when we arrived, apparently a cold front blew in before intermission, and neither of us took coats. Oops. Lesson learned. Always take the coat for The Nutcracker, no matter how warm it seems to be.

Then we grabbed some Whataburger, came home, and watched today's Doctor Who special while stuffing our faces. I enjoyed that a lot. Both the rare junk food and new Who! All in all, date night went well enough. ❤️