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Wow, there’s a lot of other game developers whining and crying about Baldur's Gate 3, and the whole lot of it can be summed up as "Please don’t expect us to put out games with interesting and exciting stories, fully fleshed out characters, beautiful graphics, and expansive worlds, which aren’t still in an early beta state on release while charging you full price to play it and also containing a million pay to win micro transactions and battle passes! We can’t possibly do it while also bilking you gamers for billions of dollars! We beg you, don’t expect quality!"

They’re very scared that gamers may remember that once upon a time, you bought a game, and the game was a finished product that maybe contained a couple odd bugs (or not) and your relationship with the company that made it ended after the initial financial transaction was done. Then you played the game, and the game was good, and you felt you got your money's worth out of it.