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I have just completed a level ten purge in . It was exciting, to be sure, but totally unrewarding. There was nothing in the loot chests that I cannot get elsewhere more easily (and at less personal cost). It just isn’t fun enough to do for fun. I continue to feel there’s really no reason to do them at all, and if one feels one must, no reason to do any higher than level five to get the new crafting recipes.

Now the next update will add ten more levels and the enemy will also have trebuchets, and I feel like it will be even less worth doing. Pretty sure my warlord days are over. Think I’ll tear down the second purge base, rebuild the first one with the latest defensive improvements, and then my army can sit over there twiddling their thumbs while I decide what to do with them.

All in all, the new purge is disappointing and kinda boring.