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Cali Coco, the self proclaimed queen of the cat colony, had not been seen for at least five days, which is highly unusual. She’s usually sitting on the ladder outside my kitchen window every day begging for food or attention. I’d begun to worry. I love that cat. Well, yesterday afternoon, she was finally staring in the window at me, so I rushed out and gave her all the love. Well, as much as you can. A few pets and one head scritch. 🤣

I’ve been putting out tons of food and water morning and evening, and sometimes even in between when I noticed the food is all gone already. No idea what’s been eating it. I assume the cats, but I never see them anymore since the heat started. I’m so glad Cali stopped by to let me know she's okay. Hope she comes around more often than once a week. I miss her watching me make dinner.

Anyway, a nice thing happened yesterday, so I thought I’d share. Not had a lot of nice things lately.