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Been playing today. Did a couple of level 8 purges, and they went well, so I made a bunch of nice arrows for my archers and myself, and tried a level 9. First attempt lead to the loss of two of my best fighters. I reloaded my save, adjusted a few things, and tried again. Still a nightmare, but no one died.

The rewards continue to not be worth the hassle. I did get a follower you can’t get in the game anymore, but he’s a dancer, and I have dancers coming out of my ears. Sure, I need a few, but I don’t need as many as these purges keep throwing at me.

Tired of spending so much time in the desert wasteland where I built my purge base. Thinking of taking what I’ve learned about base defense, improving on it, and building one somewhere prettier (and closer to my main base). But first, lunch and a Sunday afternoon nap!