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I have just been to the Funcom forums to pitch a polite fit about the latest progress blocking bug I’ve been encountering in Conan Exiles the last three days. When you quit the game, it freezes and doesn’t save your progress almost every single time. It’s such a shame, because I truly love the game, and I was looking forward to their Dune game as well, since it’s also a sandbox survival type of thing, but I’m done. Of the six hours I played the last few days, only 45 minutes of progress actually got saved. I don’t mind grind at all, but I’m tired of redoing the exact same grind over and over. I just want to build my damn base, do some dungeons, and play the freaking game. I really hope they get their shit together and fix these problems.

Anyway, I guess I’ll go back to No Man's Sky. I didn’t stop playing it because I stopped liking it, just after thousands of hours put in, I was feeling a bit burnt out. Maybe I’m ready to explore the universe again.