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That damn tooth has not been removed. My blood pressure was too high. I get to go back tomorrow to see a different dentist who apparently isn’t quite as touchy about blood pressure not being 120/80. I’m dentist phobic. It’s never going to be perfect or normal for me when I’m sitting in a dentist's chair. If he won’t do it, they’ll refer me to an oral surgeon.

I also question their equipment. They tested once, and the reading was 154/110, and I was not at all feeling like I was having a heart attack. Anxious, yes, but I think if my blood pressure (usually 90/70 or lower) shot up that damn high, I’d feel something other than normal levels of anxious (considering the circumstances).

But whatever. We'll go back tomorrow and see what this new guy says, then we'll go to the oral surgeon, pay more money, and get the damn tooth out. And somewhere along the way, we'll extract $400 from them for work they are incapable of doing.