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With most games, update day is full of glee and excitement, but not . It’s all panic, fear, and terror. They’ve had some awful updates lately that caused people to lose bases, thralls, and years of work. So everyone has PTSD about update day.

I play single player, so all I did to prepare for the worst is make sure I have a nice clean save stashed safely away in case the whole game breaks again. Worst that happens is I play other games while I wait for them to fix whatever they screwed up.

I’m cautiously optimistic that maybe they fixed the invisible animals and things in my game. It’d be nice to see all the enemies trying to kill me. On the subject of the new purge mechanics, I expect that to be as broken as it’s been on the test server. No less irritating than the old purge, but it’s optional, so if it doesn’t work, won’t really effect me. I hope it works. It looks sorta fun.

I’m stupidly excited about the loot rework and want to go loot all the things. 🤣