Not Happening

The non-problem problem I’ve been trying to work on this week over here at the blog continues to not have a solution. I can’t tell if I can’t make it work because it’s just not going to work or if I just don’t have the ability to make it work. Either way, it’s not working, and my desire to continue staring at it has waned. I’ll come back to it later. Maybe.

So, everything goes back to the way it was and nothing on my blog should be acting weirdly again. Yay?

Out of Order

Just a heads up that I’ve been rummaging around the back end of the old blog again. No problem to solve! Just trying to extend some of its capabilities. Things may at times be weird or entirely broken as I test things on live code. I know one shouldn’t do that, but I don’t have much of a choice what with not having a computer. Not like I can run WordPress on my iPad.

Anyway, just a warning things may be out of order off and on as I dig around and figure out how to do a few things I’d like the blog to do. Sorry so vague, but if I say what I’d like to do, people will feel compelled to offer advice, and I really want to work this through myself. In the end, none of it may work! Or maybe it will! Either way, I’m learning some stuff!