Oh Gods … Nutcracker

We have survived another viewing of The Nutcracker. It was the 60th anniversary performance.
A copy of En Face dance magazine advertising the 60th anniversary performance of The Nutcracker.
We have decided maybe we’ve seen The Nutcracker enough for the rest of our lives. Ok, maybe we skip a year or two and see how we feel about it then. I don’t even know how many times we’ve seen it. Probably close to 30?

We deserve a break!

2 thoughts on “Oh Gods … Nutcracker

  1. We say that’s it … never again, but we all know we’ll go next year too. At this point, it’s not the going to see The Nutcracker that is the tradition. It’s the complaining about having to go see The Nutcracker.

    A thing I noticed, as my mind wandered during the performance, is that the crowd skews very young. The other old folks seem to say no thank you to yet more Nutcracker. We may join them! Guess we’ll find out next year when we decide in November we ain’t doing it, and then I forget to do something about the tickets to two very nice seats, thereby leading to us feeling like we should just go because WE ALWAYS DO.🤣

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