More Conan

Been sitting here contemplating sorcery in Conan Exiles. I’ve not messed with it, because I’m not going to do human sacrifices. Sure, I kill a lot of NPCs every day, but they’re coming at me with weapons, so it’s me or them. Hauling someone back to camp to actively off them on a sacrificial table is a whole other thing. Not doing it.

But it does look like I can level it up some and get some useful spells without any human sacrifice at all. It’d be nice to cast a light spell. Just saying, it gets really dark out in the wilds at night and carrying a torch means I’m not carrying my shield.

I’ll have to contemplate it further on the tree of woe. I will still need spell pages to level it up, which means killing sorcerers who have already sacrificed people to make them, so it’s a moral quandary (that I’m sure most players don’t even think about).