Last Word on Ice

My final report on my ice crisis:

I’m giving up on the ice maker. It’s either the motor or the internal water line, neither of which I can access without taking apart things not designed to be taken apart. So it’s a project for another day. Or never. Probably never.

I have finally learned how to use ice cube trays, and four looks like it will mostly be enough ice for us. The teal trays take six hours to freeze solid. The black trays take seven hours. No idea what the difference. Filtered water freezes faster than tap. And while the in door dispenser will crush the cubes, it won’t dispense whole cubes, which bothers me not at all, because I only use crushed ice. The husband will just have to work with this limitation in our ice dispensing capabilities.

So for the time being, our ice crisis is over. No one is happy about any of it, but we’ve got ice, and that’s what really matters.