Just Babbling

After two weeks of nasty, cold, wet and gross, winter weather, suddenly it’s hot enough I’ve had to open windows to cool the house off. At night. The windows are open right now. I’m sweating. I don’t like it. Could it just pick a season? I am thankful to have had some sunshine though. It’s greatly improved my mood.

This week isn’t going to plan. Do they ever? Yesterday, while I was attempting to watch tutorial videos to remind myself I know how to do things, the internet went out. It was off and on until early evening. Not remembering I know how to do things slowed down today’s doing of things. So now I’m behind on the weekly plan. I’ll never catch up.

Then, like the idiot I am, I stayed up way too late last night playing No Man’s Sky, and 7 am felt like it came even earlier than usual. It was a two coffee sorta day. Didn’t help much, but I did manage to get a few household tasks done before I dropped from fatigue. Not any of the important ones like the weird sound the furnace is now making, or the sudden loss of water pressure in the kitchen, but I’m sure the husband will appreciate having clean underwear.

So I’ve been over on Mastodon for about a week now, and I think I like it? All the people who tell you that it doesn’t matter which server you join though, they are lying. It matters. If I’d have just joined some random server, I think I would have hated it. It is very different. It does take some getting used to. I’m figuring it out. At least I haven’t encountered any Nazis or other bigots, and that’s been nice.

I guess I don’t actually have much of anything to report! I just felt like babbling, and I can’t get back to writing long winded posts of substance, if I don’t first get reacquainted with writing something longer than a Tweet. So I’ll babble when I feel like babbling.

Side Note: Still working on putting together a newsletter. Still working on a new site design. Also still working on the knitting project, and my work table is half cleared, so maybe some other artsy craftsy stuff soon. I hope so, anyway.