Just Another Day

Entirely too much time today has been spent testing pens, pencils, and markers to determine whether or not they are still viable art tools. The sad fact is I am not even done with it yet. I have a lot of pens, pencils, and markers. More time making random marks on scrap paper will need to be done. Once I am well and truly done with this tedious and monotonous task, then I must decide which of this particular subset of art tools shall be remaining in my home and workspace. It’s been a lifetime coming, but I’m finally getting around to focusing on a few things I sincerely enjoy doing rather than trying to do everything that mildly interest me.

My first grade teacher would be so proud. It only took a half century for me to understand and implement the advice she gave me way back when! Better late than never?

Aside from mind numbing mark making, I also took naps and played video games. The naps were necessary, owing to my having pretty much stayed up all night playing No Man’s Sky (finishing a story quest on my second save), and Sims 4 got an update today that promised to fix the game breaking bug that has kept me from playing for the last four weeks (it did). So all in all, sort of a slow day, which is fairly normal for the start of winter. Our weather went from “barefoot wearing shorts outside” to “hope all the heating devices still work literally overnight”. Always makes me feel like crap when my environment suddenly shifts in comfort level, and if I’m being completely honest, the upcoming holidays have me a bit stressed and feeling down.

The grief of 2021 is not yet completely behind me.

Anyway, I didn’t have anything to say yesterday, because I was busy trying to solve a plumbing problem (still not solved), so I thought I should make an effort to say something today. Blogging is a habit, and I’d like to get back into it. It’s just hard to babble about my mundane and boring life when the world is literally falling apart and catching on fire. I promise to find more interesting things to babble about soon.