It’s All Too Much

I’ve had another friend pass away. He went silent on Twitter in early November, and I suspected the worst. But with an ocean between us and no overlap between our social circles, confirming my fears was difficult. Yesterday was his birthday, so I stopped in at Facebook, and now I know.
A heavy set man with short ginger hair and a bushy mustache carrying a petite slender girl with short blonde hair. Both are smiling broadly. They stand in front of a dorm building sign saying Crumley Hall. This is Paul. He was a dear friend and an amazing human being. I’m going to do my best to live in this moment right here and remember how much fun we had together and all the silliness we got up to … and there was a lot of silliness. I’m going to miss him very much. Very, very much.

I’ll likely be very quiet again for a while. I’d already gone quite quiet the last week or so, because the holidays were really hitting hard. Grief has burst forth into my life as a big thing again, and now another person to add to the list. It’s all just too much.

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