Found Civilization!

So I did find civilization in Galaxy 42! A lot of it, 820,000 light years from the galactic core. Tons of bases and communication balls. I visited some of them, but this one was AMAZING!

A large, golden, circular space station hovers over an red alien landscape.

Funny thing … I decided to see what the weekend quest was, so I summoned the Anomaly, decided it wasn’t anything I wanted to do right then, and went to the teleporter to return to my freighter. The amazing base I’d just been at? A featured base at the Anomaly. So I’ve spent all this time and energy getting there, and Lin will be popping right over this weekend, right in the heart of a civilization. I’d be cranky about it, but I’ve had fun getting through all those galaxies. A journey is more than the destination.

I’ll be hanging out in Galaxy 42 for a while. I want to build a nice base to add to the collection here, though mine will in no way compete with this one.