1 thought on “Dibs on Nibs

  1. OMG, you’re killing me!!! The easy (and dear part), it’s your dad’s, so well, loved, well used and fed his fam with it! My first hunch was a Speedball, and they have series marked this way, size large 0-5 fine (B- broad C- calig, etc.). I’ll guess, by its vantage that it’s a stick pen too. (Like my mother-in-law used sitting high-up in the very back (the women’s seats) of Victoria University (UofToronto, c.1940), making her notes in stick pen on a tiny desk while having to wear white gloves. — Her desk is still there!) Okay, mind-blown! how many are there? Do you have stuff on paper by it in his hand? The stories and drawings this thing knows! Spill!

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