Damn Cats

I don’t know for sure which cat knocked over my large glass of ice water during the three minutes I was in the bathroom, but when I came out and saw the situation, Ronin was lounging casually on the footrest of my recliner wearing his shocked and excited face, and his sister Myu was under my work table and wouldn’t look at me. I think I have my answer.

Thanks to an excellent case, my cellphone is fine, but my ecig will be living in a bag of rice overnight, and my collection of odd bits of paper (mostly fortunes from cookies) is ruined. Why does this cat do this? She’s not trying to drink from it and accidentally spilling it. No, she intentionally wants to spill glasses of water. She wasn’t even in the room! It was like she was waiting for her moment! Can I never drink out of anything other than adult sippy cups?!

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